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8 Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool is a game mainly for 2 players. Its aim is to win the game by skillfully pocketing the 8 Ball which is Black Ball. Each player will either be the solids or stripes, before that it is an open table and is only decided once a player has pocketed a solid or stripe.

8 Ball Pool


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The game begins with 16 balls on the table: the cue (white) ball, the 8-Ball ( black ball), 7 striped balls, and 7 solid balls.

Once you have pocketed all the balls of your type (solid / stripe), you can only then pocket the 8-Ball. The player who pockets the 8-Ball first wins.

Game Rules

If the ball types have been decided and you then pocket more than one ball and they are different types (Solid & Stripe) then you need to make the decision of which type you want to play. If you sink the 8 Ball (black) before you have sunk all your other balls, your opponent wins.

Terms Regarding the 8-Ball Pool Game

Closed Table Shots

Ball types are decided by your shot. Whether you sink a solid or stripe.

8-Ball Shots

An 8-Ball Shot occurs once all your other balls have been sunk and you only have the black ball left.

The Break

The break is the first shot of the game, when all 15 balls other than the cue ball are "racked" into a triangular shape.

Open Table Shots

Open table shots occur after the break, and before your ball type is determined. Players take turns until a ball is sunk and your balls are determined.

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