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Backgammon is probably one of the oldest games of skill and chance, and has been enjoyed by people from all over the world.

Backgammon Skill Game


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In order to begin playing Backgammon each player rolls one die. Who ever rolled the highest number will go first. If there are two high numbers then the players with the same numbers need to roll again until the numbers are different. Once you start the game the players roll the dice and take turns in doing so. The number of the dice reveals how many points the dealer moves his checkers.

Game Rules

Both numbers need to be played at all times whether you can play it or not. When only one number can be played and not both, then the higher number must be played, and if neither number can be played, the player loses his turn.

Click with your mouse to move a checker and drag it to where you wish to place it. With a default view, your checkers move anti-clock-wise, while opponent's checkers move clock-wise.

If a player has a checker on the bar and neither of the points are open, then you lose your turn. If only some checkers on the bar can be entered and not all of them, the player must enter as many as he can, then forfeit the remainder of his turn.

If both the dice get the numbers that are the same such as 4 and 4, the player then needs to move 4 Fours. A "blot" is a point occupied by a single checker. If your opponent's checker lands on a blot , the blot has been "hit" and is placed on the "bar".

A player with more than one checkers on the bar needs to "enter" all his checkers into the opponent's home board before he moves any checkers on the board.

A checker is entered depending on the number of the rolled dice, on the condition that point is not in use by 2 or more of the opponent's checkers. One the player enters his last checker, he can then play the remaining numbers on the dice by either moving the checker entered or another one.

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