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The aim of the game of Mahjong is to match the tiles with their matching pairs and clear the whole area.



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Players are only allowed to remove the matching pairs of tiles if the tile is free with no tiles blocking it by being placed on top of it or blocking it from the sides.

Tiles that match one another can be removed by clicking on each matching tile. Click the reshuffle button when you can see no other tiles match, only a maximum of 5 reshuffles are allowed per game.

Mahjong can either be played solo or with a partner in which case the aim is either to collect the most pairs, or to be the last one to match a pair.

Game Rules

The 144 tiles are arranged in a special four-layer grid with their faces upwards.

A tile can be moved left or right without moving the other tiles. Matching pairs of tiles are removed one pair at a time, slowly revealing the layers below to play.

The game is complete once all the tiles have been matched and the grid is clear.

How To Play Mahjong Solitaire

Players need to open up new tiles with every pair they match. Randomly selecting obvious pairs, which for example are seen on the top level will end the game sooner than expected.

In many of the Mahjong solitaire games there are 4 tiles for each character, flowers, trees, animals, people, seasons and other images are different and usually only have one of each kind. Match tiles that have the same characters such as tree with tree, animals with animals, etc.

The basic strategy of Mahjong is to rather match tiles with tiles that will open up lower levels or free more tiles to make more options available.