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Why is Discipline Needed in Poker?

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Poker Discipline

We all know that discipline is a favorable human behavior. No matter what you so, no matter where you are, discipline always pays off.

Yes, poker can be a game of chance and even if you are disciplined, you might still not win after all but short term pleasure is nothing compared to the fulfillment of delayed gratification.

More so, only with discipline can you learn the skill possessed by a good poker player.

The concept of variance when related to poker states that luck is a bigger factor compared to discipline when considering a shorter time frame. But in the long run, discipline truly pays off. If your patience is short, you might easily get discouraged by the disciplined poker method and drop it at once.

No reinforcement can be observed that verify that the disciplined play works.

Being consistently disciplined is difficult for most people because the cost of the negative habits that cause one to lose money is an abstract thing with no exact denomination.

A few of the things that reflect lack of discipline are the following: not being sufficiently bankrolled, playing while drunk, not concentrating enough, not taking the poker game as seriously as the rest of your opponents, and overestimating your skills.

Keep in mind that there are two things that prevent you from being the great poker player that you are – your ego and emotions.

Good poker players are patient and don't take emotional dealings with others too seriously. They stay as logical and rational as they can be even as they cause emotional stress to their opponents and yet this never backfires.

To be great at poker, you need to know how to put your emotions to good use.


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