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When players act differently and gives away something about their hand, it is called a "tell".

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Poker Tells Are A Dead Giveaway

Much like a tilt, it is important to recognize your opponents' tells as well as recognize whether you show any tells, and to learn to hide it.

A few players' hands shake when placing a bet on the table their hand is very strong, while other players' hands shake when they bluff. Some players seem to be strong when they are weak and act weak when they are strong. These players will often bet aggressively by basically throwing their chips into the pot (total amount bet in a single game) or even at you in the hopes that by them showing their strength will put you off and want to fold (quit the game).

Players start off with a good hand in Hold'em like AA or KK--will many times keep an eye on one another when placing their bet into the pot as if making sure that nobody shorts the pot. These players have already won the hand in their mind and makes sure that they gather every last bet. Another popular give away is when a player holds their breath when their hand is strong.

There are countless tells out there. It is simply natural to have some sort of reaction when you are excited. By paying close attention to your opponents is the easiest way to pick up their tell.

Concentrate as much as you can on your opponents, as well as practice controlling your emotions when faced with different situations. The worst thing to happen is for an opponent to be able to read your tells.

If you are able to control this then your game will definitely improve.