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Three Bet Pots - Monotone Boards

A three bet pot is created when a player has come into the action with a raise, and there is a second raise in the same hand.

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A monotone flop is where all three cards are the same suit, like [6h] [8h] [Qh]. Let us examine the dynamics that exist when playing poker on a monotone board, after the pot has been three-bet pre flop.

A great piece of advice is to understand the types of hands that are played fast on a monotone board. Here is an example:

  • You are playing in a full-ring $2/4 cash games, and the player in the cut-off raises to $12.
  • You are positioned in the big blind, and three-bet to $38 holding [Ad] [Qc]; your opponent calls. The flop is [Td] [3d] [6d], and you decide to play your hand fast.
  • It is very likely that you are behind, your opponent will hate the flop (if he does not have you crushed already), and you have the equity of the nut flush draw. So bet, be prepared to bet big on the turn, and call a shove, unless the board pairs.

Ace High Flush

It is important to note that players will often play their hands fast when they hit the ace high flush draw, two-pair, or baby flushes, on these types of boards.

Higher made flushes and sets are played much slower. Understanding this information can help you make better decisions when playing three-bet pots on monotone boards.

Practise makes perfect, when it comes to poker.

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