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Bingo A Positive Activity for Human Mind and Body

If you want to stay healthy then start playing bingo as soon as possible.

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Bingo - A Positive Activity

Research was recently conducted by the University of Southampton's Psychology Department, which showed that playing bingo on regular basis can enhance mental capabilities.

Confused? Well don't be. The thing is that while playing bingo, the human mind is constantly on alert and that practice improves its thinking efficiency.

The more you play, the quicker your mind gets. Bingo is especially beneficial for those who are over the age of 60. According to a separate study by the British Medical Association, bingo can also help patients speed up their recovery process while it also relieves pressure from depressed minds and bodies.

According to Wiltshire's Salisbury District Hospital, when their elderly patients played bingo during their recovery phase, their stay at the hospital shortened up. In other words, the patients recovered faster than the normal rate because of the positive influence of bingo on them. Now let's get back at the University of Southampton's research.

Their study, in which 112 patients were included, was solely based on mental health. The study participants were divided on two age groups of 60 to 82 and 18 to 40, with both the groups consisting some passionate players of bingo and some who didn't play it at all. It was observed that those who played bingo were significantly sharper and more aware of their surroundings than the non-players.

Apart from the mental edge, bingo players also have greater than normal hand-eye coordination. There is an in-game time limit in bingo and therefore it always keeps the players on their toes. They are also required to mark their cards and frequent verification of their markings is also a necessity. All of this brings creates greater coherence in the players' mind and body and that get used to carry it in other aspects of their daily lives too.