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Online Bingo Tips

Most people are wary about using the internet as it is full of hackers, but playing Bingo Online should not be a risk when you use these useful safety rules.

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The following can help improve your play strategy.

Security Tips

  • Make sure you only play at legitimate sites. There are dodgy gambling sites out there who take you for a ride. Others are completely disorganized and some are only interested in getting you to sign up, so it is important to only play at sites that you are sure are secure and will pay out your winnings.
  • Unfortunately, there aren't any sites you can go to to ensure safe and secure gaming. Sites that offer "free" gaming are safer than those that require you to give them your card details. Always be sure to check that these gambling websites have some sort of security and privacy statement. That way you know that they have been checked and do offer a secure gaming experience.
  • Be sure to regularly visit bingo message boards found online to see if any sites have been reported to be ripping off customers.
  • Do not show your password to anyone. Always pick a distinct password to protect your account -- preferably one that is challenging for hackers to guess. If you have forgotten your password the site will give you a hint or have the password sent to your email address.

General Tips

  • If the numbers are coming in suddenly and quickly, you wont be able to keep up. At many sites however you can do a quick spot-check by clicking with your mouse on open squares. If a square/number has already been called, it will create a daub. This comes in very handy when you just want a quick toilet break or take a phone call while playing the game.
  • If you click the bingo button at the wrong time or if you don't even have bingo then it will slow down all the other players computers. If this is abused then a player may be penalized.
  • Always be wary of Web sites that promise big money. Definitely do not provide your credit card number! Professional Internet bingo players have terrible stories about encounters that they have had regarding prizes not arriving or online accounts not being credited.
  • Keep an eye out for free games. Try stay with well-trafficked Web sites that guarantee fun first and prizes for no investment on your part. That way, if they have ulterior motives, you can move on to the next site, a little wiser and no poorer.

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