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Bingo Terms

If you love bingo then you will know that there are lots of weird and wonderful calling terms for the bingo ball numbers, some of which even the most experienced of bingo players may not be familiar with!

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Read on for a little guide to some of the best bingo terms used in UK bingo today and a little bit about their origins.


Bingo Number Nicknames

Number One

Kellys Eye (after a fictional one-eyed character with the surname Kelly)

Number Five

Man alive (it rhymes!)

Number Seven

Lucky for some (seven is commonly thought to be a lucky number)

Number Eight

One fat lady (look at the shape!)

Number Ten

PMs Den (after 10 Downing Street, where the UK Prime Minister resides)

Number Eleven

Chicken legs (because the number resembles two spindly chicken legs)

Number Thirteen

Unlucky for some (superstition says that 13 is an unlucky number)

Number Sixteen

Sweet sixteen (A commonly used term when a girl reaches her 16th birthday)

Number Twenty One

Key of the door (A key is a symbol associated with turning 21 and sometimes given as a 21st birthday present)

Number Twenty Two

Two little ducks (the shape is similar to two little ducks bobbing on the water!)

Number Fifty Seven

Heinz 57 (an old advertising slogan by food brand Heinz, to represent the number of products they offered)

Number Fifty Nine

Brighton Line (the number 59 was once the London to Brighton bus service)

Number Eighty Eight

Two fat ladies (the shape of the numbers!)

Number Ninety

Top of the shop (simply means the highest number in bingo)


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