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Fed Up With Facebook? Tired Of Twitter?

If you are looking for a social network with a difference, why not consider online bingo?

Fed Up With Facebook? Tired Of Twitter?

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Fed Up With Facebook? Tired Of Twitter? Try Bingo!That is right, it's not just about matching those winning numbers and there's way more to it then legs eleven and two fat ladies.

Online bingo has a whole lot more to offer than just a bingo website, it can be a new social network for you as well.

Any good online bingo site these days will offer much more than just bingo games; there will be the chance to make new friends and chat to other players in the live chat rooms too. These chat rooms are a great way to interact with fellow bingo players while you enjoy a variety of games, and add a social element to the games which many players thoroughly enjoy.

If you are fed up with seeing the detail of everyone's lives on Facebook or bored of tweets about what people had for lunch on Twitter and pictures of their lunch on Instagram, online bingo could be the place for you. Online bingo gives you the chance to chat to other people online but you can remain as anonymous as you wish. The chat rooms are moderated and players are welcoming and friendly, sticking to respectful language so that everyone feels comfortable.

A lot of the chat in the live chat rooms will of course focus around bingo. After all, it's the main reason everyone is there! It's a great way to share your excitement, your bingo highs and your bingo lows, as well as maybe even swapping some bingo hints and tips!

As well as the live chat rooms, online bingo sites offer a variety of different games, including arcade games, casino games and more, so you will never be at a loss for something to do.